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Building Strong & Healthy Neighborhoods through Service

LISC Rhode Island is a proud participant in the AmeriCorps program. A partner since 1994, we have recruited more than 140 AmeriCorps members Continue reading “AmeriCorps”


At LISC Rhode Island, we are committed to building strong neighborhoods and healthy communities where individuals, businesses, and families can thrive. Our strategies – investing in real estate, increasing family income & wealth, stimulating economic development, improving access to quality education and supporting healthy environments and lifestyles – take shape when we bring residents and community leaders together to shape the neighborhoods where they live.

LISC Rhode Island
146 Clifford Street, Providence, RI 02903

Website: www.rilisc.org

Phone: 401.331.0131
Fax: 401.861.8866
Email: rilisc@lisc.org

National LISC
501 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Website: www.lisc.org



Providing Financial Tools to Build Neighborhoods

LISC is often the first choice lender for developers working to create affordable housing in Rhode Island. LISC Rhode Island also plays a critical role in financing other important community development projects Continue reading “Lending”

Our Neighborhoods

Building Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods for Rhode Island’s Families

Launched in 2007, Our Neighborhoods is a holistic community development strategy designed to improve the quality of life in Rhode Island’s most challenged neighborhoods. Continue reading “Our Neighborhoods”