Featured Project – Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center


Jammat Housing and Community Development Corporation’s Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center, located on Elmwood Avenue in Providence, provides high quality early learning programming to young children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years, from low-income households. The one-story, 14,014 square foot facility purchased in 2003 by Jammat to house Beautiful Beginnings, was once a Verizon warehouse and retail store, renovated substantially with the technical assistance of LISC’s Rhode Island Child Care Facilities Fund to ensure it was appropriate for child care use. The renovated space opened to the public in September of 2004, making it possible for Beautiful Beginnings to relocate from its leased location in a retail strip mall, expand its services as a vital community resource, and significantly enhance program quality.


In addition to an initial $10,000 planning grant and $65,000 recoverable grant to support this project, LISC also provided a $600,000 loan to re-finance the mortgage on the facility which was short-term financing provided by the building owner/broker which carried a high interest rate. Refinancing this debt was critical to the child care program as it ensured the continued operation of the center after the debt was due. The more favorable terms of the LISC refinancing loan also helped free up extra cash which would be used for the direct benefit of the children and families served by the program. Jammat has utilized LISC funding to further renovate the building to open an Early Head Start classroom serving 16 very low income children ages 0-3, a Universal Pre-K classroom for 18 students, and a Pre-K classroom for 10 students. LISC has continued to support this project with additional grant and recoverable funding. In addition, LISC again refinanced the outstanding loan in 2012, providing more favorable terms. LISC investments to date total $857,750.

Project Highlights:

  • Early learning and child care services for 137 children
  • Early Head Start and Universal Pre-K classrooms
  • 14,014 square foot Community Facility