Central Falls signs New England’s First Green and Complete Streets Ordinance

CENTRAL FALLS, RI, January 17, 2018 – Mayor James A. Diossa signed New England’s first Green and Complete Streets Ordinance into law today.The bill will ensure all future development adopts environmental standards that address storm water run-off, walkability, greening of the city-scape and additional green design measures. Importantly, it will allow for upgrades to the transportation system that minimizes environmental impact and creates streets that are safe for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportations.

The bill, sponsored by Ward 1 City Councilman Jonathon Acosta, came as a collaboration between the city and numerous local organizations including Grow Smart RI, RI Department of Health, LISC Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition.

The Green and Complete Streets Ordinance was identified as a high-priority issue during the community assessment portion of the work done by the Health Equity Zone. During those listening sessions conducted by LISC Rhode Island, it was clear that improving walkability and including more natural design elements was an important way to impact the social determinants of health. Addressing this issue became part of the Health Equity Zone Action Plan and advanced in partnership with Grow Smart RI.

“I would like to thank Councilman Acosta, Grow Smart RI, RI Department of Health, and all of the local organizations who helped us pass the Green and Complete Streets Ordinance. This ordinance is a huge win for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, public transportation, businesses, and the environment,” stated Mayor Diossa. “Hopefully, Central Falls can be an example in Rhode Island and around the country. A city that fell to the bottom has officially come back and is thinking creatively, innovatively, and long term. A true model for new urbanism.”

The ordinance will go into effect July 1st, 2018.