Main Methods: How to test clean on a urine drug test

The main methods to beat urine drug tests are detox products that work by dilution, a homemade dilution protocol, synthetic urine, substituting a friend’s urine, using an adulterant, or using other home remedies.

Dilution: Best way to pass urine drug test

Dilution is the best way to beat a urine drug test. Dilution is the process of drinking extra fluid so that the proportion of water in the urine is high and the drug metabolites are undetectable. When the amount of water in the urine is raised, a few problems arise. One is the creatinine level will be checked to rule out dilution by the testers. This is remedied by including a dose of creatine in detox drinks such as Mega Clean by Detoxify. Next, the color may be clear, which is a giveaway to dilution. This is remedied by including b-vitamins which restore the yellow color to the urine. Last but not least, electrolytes, aka salt and 24 to 32 ounces of water is needed to make sure the specific gravity comes out correctly and the urine is dilute. These ingredients need to be taken about 2 hours before the urine sample is submitted.

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Synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is sometimes used to beat urine drug tests. Quick Fix synthetic urine is the gold standard. Be sure to obtain the latest version of Quick Fix and to follow all instructions so that the urine is the extract right temperature when submitted.

Zinc and Adulterants

Zinc has been scientifically proven to decrease the sensitivity of urine drug tests. Zinc can be consumed as a supplement before your pee drug test; take a regular supplemental dose. Do not overdo it as too much zinc will cause nausea. Some adulterants which are added to the urine are also scientifically proven for passing testing for weed or other drugs. These are not to be consumed as they can be poisonous, but are added secretly to the urine sample. Here you can learn about how to pass a drug test using effective adulterants like visine, UrinAid, Stealth, Whizzies, and Klear. These work by decreasing the sensitivity of the drug test and producing false negative test results for pee drug tests by interfering with chemicals and antibodies used in the urinalysis to detect drug use.

How to pass ua with Natural Detox Remedies

Drinking lots of fluids

This is a common approach but will not work on its own. Drinking too much water without electrolytes can cause fatal water intoxication and also the dilution will be detected so avoid drinking too much water. Proper dilution requires only 24 to 32 ounces of water with either a large well salted steak or added creatine and b-vitamins exactly 2 hours before your test.


Exercise will only help to remove THC metabolites if done at least a week before your test. Exercise done the week of the test will only cause THC to increase in the bloodstream and urine due to it being released from fat cells without enough time to clear the system.

Drink cranberry juice or take cranberry supplements

Cranberry juice is an excellent diuretic. It needs to be combined with salt to taste, b-vitamins, and creatine in order to do proper dilution and needs to be consumed 2 hours before the test. It will not flush drugs from the system if taken days ahead of time.

Fruit Pectin

Fruit pectin is a type of fruit fiber also known as Sure Jell that can help flush edible marijuana from the digestive tract. it will not otherwise help to pass a urine drug test.


Sauna can help remove a tiny amount of THC from the bloodstream. It should not be attempted by those not already familiar with how to safely use a sauna as novices may overheat themselves and become ill or put themselves in a dangerous health situation.


The easiest way to beat a urine drug test is to simply drink 32 ounces of Mega Clean or salted water with a large steak 2 hours before your test. Good luck and good toke.


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