LISC Rhode Island – HEZ Community Report 2019

Building Healthy Neighborhoods

When LISC started as the backbone agency for Pawtucket-Central Falls Health Equity Zone, we knew that a place-based strategy that builds on the strengths of local residents and partners would achieve great results. This kind of resident-led strategy has helped create successes for LISC nationwide over the past 4 decades — it’s clear to us that people on the front lines of an issue have a true perspective on the need, and a strong commitment to creating real, positive change.

We began the work of listening. We brought together local groups, organizations, residents, leaders, businesses, and health professionals for many conversations about what was needed to help Pawtucket Central Falls thrive. Since we were addressing the social determinants of health, we asked broad questions about what people thought about, what they needed, what stood in the way — and how change would help.

We ended up with a collaborative of more than 60 organizations and residents eager to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work to improve health outcomes. We created a 108-item action plan, organized into categories, and started checking them off. At the end of the 4 years, the plan is dog-eared, highlighted, crossed off – but the partnerships are still going strong and working together to make a real difference for the Pawtucket Central Falls community. We are stronger together…

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