PCF HEZ Opioid Action Plan

Opioid Overdose Prevention Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan

In recent years, opioid misuse and overdose has impacted the lives of many Rhode Islanders, though some communities have been affected more than others. Pawtucket and Central Falls, two adjacent cities in the northern part of the state, have been hit particularly hard. Here, Opioid Use Disorder has torn apart families and taxed the community’s social services, educational institutions, emergency responders, law enforcement personnel and local government. In short, virtually no one in the community has escaped the impact of the opioid epidemic.

Opioid overdose death rates here are among the highest in Rhode Island. From 2014-2018, Pawtucket’s overdose death rate was 33.2 (per 100,000 persons), and the rate in Central Falls was 37.2. Only Woonsocket, Providence and West Warwick had higher rates for that time period. From 2011 to 2018, 184 community residents died from an opioid overdose. It is staggering statistics like these that motivated the Pawtucket Central Falls Health Equity Zone (PCF HEZ) to carry out a community needs assessment and create a plan to address this public health epidemic…

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